Swedish Midsummer Festivities are Family Friendly

I encourage everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area to join the Swedish Midsummer Celebration at Sveadal, CA on June 22, 2024.

Sveadal is located about an drive south of San Francisco, in the hills between Morgan Hill and Santa Cruz.

The event is produced yearly by the Swedish American Patriotic League since 1896.  There is a colorful history of Swedish tradition put into their Midsummer Program.  For tickets and full details visit https://www.sveadal.org/midsummer.

The day begins at 10 AM, and includes making flower wreaths, decorating the maypole, swimming, and more.  Many booths will be displaying handmade Swedish Crafts for sale.

Special festivities include the crowing of the court at 4 PM.  For a sneak peek, click play below to watch my film of Last Year’s Midsummer Program – Crowning the Court, Children Singing; Family Fun – Group Dances around Maypole, Flower Crowns; plus all evening drinks, socializing & dance to joyful music!

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