Using Food to Improve your Health

What if you could improve your health by identifying those foods that react best with your body chemistry?  I had the pleasure to interview Angela M. Landeros who writes about how you can do exactly that in her book, “The FLog Journal” (  She was inspired to write the book to share with others her journey from a multiple sclerosis diagnosis to a healthier immune system, in hopes that others can benefit from what she discovered.

She found that by eliminating inflammatory foods and identifying a diet that reacted well with her body, she began overcoming MS and its damage.  In the book she sets forth a method that you can track what you eat.  She believes that by tracking what you eat, you can discover what is best for your body, thus changing your body chemistry, improving your immune system, healing your digestive system, strengthening your brain, and reducing inflammation throughout your body.

The best part of her methodology is that you don’t have to count calories: All you need to do is track what goes into your body and how those ingredients make you feel. By creating a list of substances that have a negative effect on your body, substances you should never eat or come into contact with, and those that you may consume occasionally, you’ll be equipped to transform your health and life. Her book is available for purchase online.

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Daniel Potasz, M.S.

Our Science Reporter covers biology, technology and their impact on health. He holds a Masters in Science from UCLA.

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