Nourished Festival 2019 – Desiree Nielsen on Gut Health and Bio-K+

Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019 San Mateo, CA – Nourished Festival – Desiree Nielsen (RD, author and vegetarian cook) lectures on Digestion, IBS and Bio-K+ for ProBiotics. Desiree takes an evidence-based, integrative approach to her dietetics work.  She has several publications on her website and likes the research that BioKplus has performed with its products to validate its efficacy.

In our following video playlist watch: Desiree demonstrate simple breathing exercise to help digestion and manage stress. Listen to her analyze BioK+ and its effectiveness, and reveal what inspired her to pursue health and nutrition and her career as an RD.

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Learn more by clicking Dr. Andrew WeilBio-K+, and Desiree Nielsen.

Daniel Potasz, M.S.

Our Science Reporter covers biology, technology and their impact on health. He holds a Masters in Science from UCLA.

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