Shirley PotaszShirley Potasz, M.A.
News Editor and Host

Shirley holds a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from San Francisco State University, where she did novel research on health education.  She earned teaching credentials in multiple subjects: preschool to high school plus adult, and produced “Nutrition for Kids” and “How to serve the Elderly.”  Her novel research on nutrition and lifestyle for patients of Lawrence Badgley, M.D. led to producing health education materials and a video, “Life Begets Life.”  She holds certification as a “Hippocrates Health Institute” instructor.

Her expertise includes natural food preparation, skin care, changing one’s lifestyle and public relations. She constantly learns the latest discovery and builds on her lifetime of experience.

Besides reporting for Balance Your Day, she holds workshops, hosts speakers and is a broadcast media host herself. She began in the 1960s on TV in Los Angeles – co-hosting a live nutrition show.  That progressed to co-anchoring a radio show, teaching self-improvement classes, winning talent and beauty contests, such as “Miss Catalina” and 2nd at the Los Angeles Regional of “Miss Universe.”

Elected to the National Health Federation board of directors, she improved the group and its conventions. As Chapter President for San Francisco, she organized monthly meetings and special dinners, where she spoke about state and national, health legislation. For each event she also arranged for a foremost researcher in nutrition to lecture. Recent videos and audios include “Living Foods, Healing and Longevity” and “Simple and Easy Raw Food Prep.”

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