Winter Fancy Food Show – Product Spotlights

The following are some of the products that we found very interesting at this year’s show. First are interviews with the creators of these products.

(The above Playlist of videos is constantly being expanded during the show, so check back for new products every day.)

Below are galleries of photographs specific to each interview above.


Must Vanilla is a unique product from Madagascar.  Did you know that there are no honey bees that pollinate the Vanilla Flower?  One must do it manually.  Visit for more information.


Patrick MacCartee of Tarazi presents their Tahini and Falafel Mix and showcase of use of the two products in Vegi Burgers, Cupcake Frosting, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Energy Bars. Visit for more information.


Nuovo Pasta – Carl L Zuanelli (Founder / President / CEO) presents his Sofi Award winning Italian sauces and pastas. Visit for more information. brings the use of crunchy hemp seeds into specialty chocolates.  A tasty treat that is healthy.  Visit for more information.


The idea of partially drying Persimmons is what motivated Purunchon Inc to launch WooBo – bringing Korean Persimmons that are chewy in the middle, kinda like a date, to market.  If you like dates, you have to try these.  Visit for more information.


White Coffee produces tasty specialty coffees and can brand them for you and promotions.  Visit for more information.


Nuts+Nuts (from Indonesia) – Cyrilla Suwarsa explains how Cashews are harvested and raised and used in her products. Visit for more information.


Nova Dewi of Suwe Ora Jamu describes how they produce Jamu – the popular and traditional Indonesian Drink made of natural materials such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits. Recipes that have been passed down generations are used to produce the company’s beverage that they can supply as bottled liquid beverage, concentrate or powder. Visit for more information.


2020 WFFS/SFA Front Burner: Winner – Dinesh Tadepalli presents Spoons you eat (incrEDIBLE). Visit for more information.

Daniel Potasz, M.S.

Our Science Reporter covers biology, technology and their impact on health. He holds a Masters in Science from UCLA.

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