Zego – Organic, Nutrient Dense Foods

ZegoFoods.com as Colleen Kavanagh – juggling her family with Celiac Disease, lactose/gluten intolerance, and pre-diabetes – was faced with the children’s elementary school banning all nuts from campus.

She found that no food company was trying to make nutrient-dense, minimally processed convenience foods that met the needs of people with more than two or three of the most common dietary restrictions. No company was going the extra step in allergen and gluten safety–testing each batch to ensure product purity and providing the test data to consumers. Companies could have been testing for this for a long time, but many were not, and none of the ones that were testing made their results public.

Thus she set out to create a food company that made amazing, clean food that supports the whole health of people and our planet. She is very transparency about revealing completely what is in her products. Learn more about the Colleen at her company website ZegoFoods.com .

Daniel Potasz, M.S.

Our Science Reporter covers biology, technology and their impact on health. He holds a Masters in Science from UCLA.

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